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Transform your content's best moments into viral short-format videos.
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Seamless YouTube Presence Growth

Within every YouTube video lies a multitude of captivating moments. Going through each video to find these moments can be time-consuming and honestly pretty boring.
Streamline your content creation process with Framedrop:
Import your YouTube videos.

Let our AI identify and showcase your most engaging segments.

Easily select, edit and maximize your content’s potential by sharing it in short-format on platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok and Instagram Reels.

A Wide Array of Features That Let You Tailor Your Content to Your Audience

Our AI’s Got an “Eye” for Highlights

Creating content is already time consuming enough. Framedrop’s AI goes through your videos and automatically finds the best moments of each video. All you need is your YouTube video’s URL.

Transform Your Content - Fast

Content comes in all shapes and sizes. Edit your YouTube videos’ highlights in seconds with clean Trim and Layout Tools.

Add AI-Generated Subtitles to Your Content

Subtitles are great. Everyone loves them. They help your viewers understand what is said in your videos. They also allow people to watch content with the sound off. One click and they’ll be added to your videos.

Export Directly to All Social Media

Having to post content on individual platforms manually gets old fast. With direct export you can get your shorts on all platforms in no time.

Extend Your YouTube Videos’ Lifespan And Interaction With AI-Generated Shorts

Boost engagement and grow your audience - it’s never been easier!


Why should I use Framedrop?

Framedrop lets YouTubers turn their regular videos into viral short-format videos. Whether it's gaming content, podcast episodes, live streams VODs or any content on YouTube, our AI finds the most engaging moments, saving you countless hours of doing it by hand.

How can I use Framedrop’s YouTube Import feature?

Easy! Just grab the URL of the YouTube video you want to import and paste it on Framedrop. In a few moments you will start seeing your content’s highlights appear.

Can I customize the AI-generated shorts before sharing them?

Of course! You have complete control over the selected highlights. Trim, montages, AI-generated subtitles, you name it! Tailor them to your heart’s content before sharing them across platforms.

Is Framedrop free?

YouTubers deserve to make their vision come true and not everyone has access to video editors. That’s why Framedrop offers essential features in our Free Plan. For the most advanced features check out our Pro Plan.

Can I use AI-generated shorts on different platforms?

AI-generated shorts are versatile. This means you can easily share these curated highlights on platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels, maximizing content reach.

How can AI-generated shorts benefit my YouTube channel?

By converting your video highlights into engaging shorts you'll attract new viewers, increase audience retention and foster deeper engagement.

How can AI-generated shorts help extend my YouTube videos' lifespan?

By repurposing the most engaging segments into shorts, you breathe new life into your existing videos. These shorts reintroduce your content to a new potential audience, extending its impact and relevance.

AI Highlights

Ready to share your highlights?

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