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1. Contact information

For general press inquiries or media requests, please get in touch with our team at


2. About us

Framedrop is revolutionising the lives of Content Creators with its mission to help them shine and succeed! 🚀

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Framedrop addresses the challenges faced by Live Streamers once the stream ends. Content Creators often face the pressure of maintaining a consistent online presence to retain followers and maximize reach. This daily grind can lead to a stressful and exhausting lifestyle.

However, with Framedrop's AI-powered video editing software, the best moments from live streams are automatically captured and transformed into captivating highlights. Content Creators gain access to powerful editing tools, enabling them to effortlessly enhance and share their top plays on social media platforms, like TikTok, YouTube and Twitter. By simply adding their stream URL, users can discover their stream highlights within seconds, as Framedrop's AI efficiently finds and edits their most thrilling moments.

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3. Founders

We want you to quit wasting time searching for clips.

Hey 👋 We're JD and Mario, the co-founders of Framedrop.

The average streamer produces many hours of raw video every month, but only uses about 6% to grow their audience on Youtube, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. In some cases, this can amount to more than 100 hours of content wasted every month.

For most, it's simply too time-consuming to rewatch the whole VOD and write down the timestamp of every key moment. Imagine all the great clips that were thrown away, or the Youtube compilations that could have been.

We believe that content discovery should be automated and faster.

That's why we're building an app that takes your raw video and lists all the key moments for you in minutes. Not only that, it keeps your content in a safe place and lets you collaborate with your editors in making awesome productions to publish on platforms like Youtube.

Monthly headshots compilation? All team wipes from the last tournament? Imagine all the possibilities when all your content is catalogued and at the distance of a click.

Let's make content creation more fun and less time-consuming.

Photo of Framedrop co-founder, JD Costa
JD Costa
Co-founder & CEO, Framedrop
Photo of Framedrop co-founder, Mário Tarouca
Mário Tarouca
Co-founder & COO, Framedrop

4. Media assets

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Logo plain

Media kit: Framedrop logo in black
Media kit: Framedrop logo in white
Media kit: Framedrop logo with safe areas
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Logo variations

Media kit: Framedrop logo in black with character A
A Positive
Media kit: Framedrop logo in white with character A
A Negative
Media kit: Framedrop logo in black with character M
M Positive
Media kit: Framedrop logo in white with character M
M Negative
Media kit: Framedrop logo in black with character O
O Positive
Media kit: Framedrop logo in white with character O
O Negative


Media kit: all Framedrop characters
From left: M2, A2, O1, M1, A1, O2

Brand colors


Application examples

Media kit: example of application on social apps
Social media layouts

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