February 1, 2024

JoinCombo Alternative: Add AI Highlights to Your Clip Editing in 2024

It’s 2024 and since JoinCombo shut down it’s time to look at alternatives. Framedrop with its AI highlight detection and powerful editing features is what you need to save time and get your clips on social media.

Background screenshot of JoinCombo's template page overlaid with JoinCombo's logo vs Framedrop's icon and text saying "JoinCombo Alternative: Clip Editor + AI Highlights"
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The fastest tool

Speedrun your content output with no compromises to quality

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Filipe Pessoa

Marketing & Sociology. Gamer and music producer.

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The fastest tool

Speedrun your content output with no compromises to quality

Try Framedrop today!

Note: Framedrop has bought JoinCombo's domain JoinCombo.com - if you're an ex-JoinCombo user Framedrop will let your turn your clips to TikToks, Shorts and Reels.

With JoinCombo shutting down unexpectedly, you may find yourself looking for a new tool. A lot of content creators relied heavily on it and now find themselves with no way to quickly edit and share their clips to social media. Don’t worry, Framedrop not only offers a clip editor but also offers a quick and easy way to find your clips through AI. In this blog post we’ll look into both tools’ features and why Framedrop is great for ex-JoinCombo users.

JoinCombo - What Happened?

JoinCombo - which was also referred to as just Combo - started as one of the pioneers of clip storing, editing and sharing and amassed a large following throughout the years. Their new way of creating short-form content from clips became a powerful tool for creators since it easily let you turn your content from horizontal to vertical to fit platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok and Instagram Reels. It also let you heavily customize the look of your clip through features like text, captions, stickers, templates and more.

JoinCombo announced that they would be shutting down in a farewell email. The date of this shutdown was the 14th of December 2023.

Best JoinCombo Alternative: Framedrop

In 2024, the list of alternatives to JoinCombo can be overwhelming. Many tools offer the same functionalities that JoinCombo had. But in 2024, it is time to speed up the process of repurposing your content. This makes Framedrop the best way to turn your YouTube and Twitch content into TikToks, Shorts and Reels.

Features In Common

Just like JoinCombo, with Framedrop you get:

  • Direct upload from Twitch or YouTube (Twitch VODs, Twitch clips and all YouTube videos supported);
  • Powerful editor;
  • Horizontal to vertical clip conversion;
  • Layout templates;
  • AI Generated Subtitles/Captions on 25 supported languages;
  • Get 1080p/60fps exports;
  • Direct download of your edited clip to your computer;
  • Direct sharing to socials (TikTok, Shorts, Reels, Twitter and more);
  • Clean and accessible UI
  • Free plan and a Pro plan with extra features.

JoinCombo also had automated edits, a feature that Framedrop will also soon offer that will let you get AI-edited clips ready for posting.

The fastest tool

Speedrun your content output with no compromises to quality

Try Framedrop today!

Add AI Clipping To The Mix

Framedrop doesn’t just let you edit your clips. It can work even before that. Through AI you can find your highlights from things like:

  • Awesome gaming plays;
  • Funny moments;
  • Just chatting and IRL;
  • Chat reactions.

This means you can skip the time-consuming process of manually going through VODs and clipping your stream. Instead, just paste the URL of your video on Framedrop and all your clips for that stream will show up in minutes. Free users can upload 5 hours of content a month (if not signed up) or 8 hours (if signed up).

For $19.90 a month, Pro plan users can speed things up even more by using Framedrop’s multi-processing feature that allows them to find clips in multiple videos at the same time. With Pro plan you also get priority queue and 40 hours of upload content per month.

Coming Soon

Framedrop is always evolving and getting better so you can count on some awesome features coming this year. Some of the features on our roadmap are:

  • Automated Edits: As mentioned earlier, you will soon be able to get all of your clips ready for social media in one click;
  • Subtitle Customization: Make your subtitles look your way with in-depth subtitle customization and font importing;
  • Manual Import: Upload and find clips on videos directly from your computer.

We’re also always open to feedback and user suggestions. If you have any questions or ideas that you want to share with us make sure to tell us on our Discord server or email us at support[at]framedrop[dot]co.

Saying Goodbye to JoinCombo

As we bid farewell to JoinCombo and search for a new clip editing tool in 2024, Framedrop emerges as the standout alternative. JoinCombo, once a pioneer in clip storing, editing, and sharing, left a void in the content creator community with its unexpected shutdown in December 2023. However, Framedrop steps in to fill that gap, offering not only a clip editor but also an intelligent way to discover highlights through AI allowing for a smooth transition from the legacy of JoinCombo to an ever speedier workflow. Don’t leave your audience waiting! Return to posting with Framedrop.

The fastest tool

Speedrun your content output with no compromises to quality

Try Framedrop today!


What happened to JoinCombo?

JoinCombo shut down on the 14th of December. JoinCombo users received an email announcing the shutdown but this email did not explain why it was taking place.

Why did JoinCombo shut down?

When JoinCombo users were met with an email announcing JoinCombo’s shutdown they got a date for when it would take place - 14th of December 2023 - but no official reason as to why JoinCombo was closing its doors.

What is an alternative to JoinCombo?

The best alternative to JoinCombo, Framedrop, offers a powerful clip editor with the added benefits of AI highlight detection. Framedrop’s AI detects anything from awesome gaming plays to funny moments and chat reactions. This means you can also use Framedrop if your a Just Chatting or IRL streamer.

What is the difference between JoinCombo and Framedrop?

Although similar in principle and working as clip editors - turning content into TikToks/Shorts/Reels - Framedrop adds a fast and reliable AI highlight detection feature that really speeds up the process of creating these short-format videos. Simply paste your video URL and Framedrop will find the best moments in minutes.

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February 1, 2024
Filipe Pessoa

Having a bachelor's degree in Sociology and currently getting his Masters' in Marketing, Filipe has always followed a customer-centric ethos. In 2021, Filipe was part of one of the 3 European Innovation Academy winning projects - CultureKit - as its CMO. Since joining Framedrop in August 2022, Filipe has worked on a wide array of tasks such as Copywriting, Lead Generation, Influencer Marketing and even dipped his toes in SEO.

When not working, Filipe channels his creativity into music production in his home studio.

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