February 19, 2024

How to Blow Up on TikTok: What I Wish I Knew When I Started

Day after day, video after video and the views still not surpassing the 4 digits? Blowing up on TikTok can take more than just consistency and today I’ll show you how.

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Written by
Filipe Pessoa

Marketing & Sociology. Gamer and music producer.

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Convert your videos into TikToks with AI

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TikTok, the platform that has taken the world by storm, offers a unique opportunity for content creators, TikTokers, and digital marketers. But with its vast user base, how do you make your mark? Consistency is key and with tools like Framedrop getting AI highlights from videos and turning them to TikToks automatically, it is actually easily doable - there is more to virality though. In a time where even Biden campaigns on TikTok it is important to maximize the platform. In this article, we'll explore some key strategies that can help you stand out and gain traction on TikTok. 

In a Nutshell: How to Blow Up on TikTok

Know Your Goals:

  • Understand what "viral" means on TikTok.
  • Understand how TikTok’s algorithm works
  • Aim for high views, likes, comments, shares, and positive feedback.

Create Viral Content:

  • Create a good hook;
  • Use trendy sounds and music;
  • Try different content from time to time;
  • Follow a narrative in your TikToks;
  • Follow popular trends on the platform;
  • Optimize your hashtags;
  • Create easy-to-share content;
  • Collaborate with other TikTokers;
  • Be consistent;
  • Post on other platforms like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels;
  • Encourage interaction to increase engagement;
  • Analyze your videos’ performance and adapt;
  • Respond to comments and foster a community;
  • Be wary of the ideal video length for your TikToks.

Know Your Goals: What is Considered Viral on TikTok?

There is no rigid and specific definition of viral. In general, a TikTok video goes viral when it spreads like wildfire across the platform, racking up a massive number of views, likes, comments, and shares in a short period. But what exactly does that look like in 2024?

How to Measure Virality

So, how do you know if your video has gone viral? Here are a few ways to measure its success:

Views: So, how many views is viral? Well, there is no specific number but it is highly agreed upon that if your video has surpassed the 1 million views milestone then it has reached virality. Keep an eye on videos that do and try to understand why they went viral so you can later replicate it

Likes and Comments: Look at the number of likes and comments your video has. A high engagement rate is a good indicator of virality.

Shares: If your video has been shared by other users, it's a sign that it's resonating with the audience.

Feedback: Pay attention to the feedback you're getting from your audience. If people are commenting positively and sharing your video, it's a good sign that it's going viral.

Copycats: Copycats here are not necessarily a bad thing. If you’ve come up with an original idea and people are doing it as well,  you might’ve just created a trend!

If at least a couple of these criteria check out it is very likely that your TikTok has gone viral or that it is about to. If not, don’t worry - I’ll show you how to.

Crafting Viral Content: Strategies for Explosive Growth

No point in knowing what going viral is if you’re not going to try it! Content is king and although many people go viral, a lot of them don’t know why. Here are some tips on how to improve your TikTok game and audience engagement:

Start with a Captivating Hook

The first few seconds of your TikTok video are super important. Use a captivating hook to grab viewers' attention and make them want to watch more. This could be a surprising fact, a question, or a bold statement. The goal is to pique their curiosity and make them curious enough to keep watching. Retention is super important for TikTok’s algorithm and a good hook will always help with that.

Use Trending Sounds and Songs on TikTok

Use popular sounds and songs to tap into existing trends and increase the chances of your content being discovered by a wider audience. TikTok's algorithm often favors content that uses trending sounds, so incorporating them into your videos can help boost your visibility and reach.

Experiment with Different Content Types

Try out various content formats like challenges, tutorials, or comedic skits to see what resonates best with your audience. Different types of content appeal to different people, so experimenting with different formats may help you find what works best.

Tell a Story

Again - retention, retention, retention. Create a narrative that grabs your viewers attention and keeps them engaged from start to finish. A personal story, a fictional tale, or a behind-the-scenes look at your life… whatever, storytelling can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and keep them coming back for more. 

Educate and Inform

You can also opt for the educational route by sharing valuable information with your viewers. Some examples of educational content are:

  • How-to tutorials;
  • Product reviews;
  • Product listicles;
  • Fun facts.

And way, way more. These provide value to your audience and will help you build trust and credibility, which can lead to increased engagement and virality.

Join in Current Trends and Challenges

Participate in trending challenges and use relevant hashtags to increase your content's visibility. TikTok is all about staying current and participating in the latest trends and challenges can help you reach a wider audience and increase your chances of going viral.

Optimize Hashtags (Less Is More in 2024!)

Use a few highly relevant hashtags rather than overloading your video with too many. This helps your content reach the right audience and increases the chances of it being discovered by people who are interested in your niche. In 2024, TikTok's algorithm has become more sophisticated and is able to better understand the context of your content, so using fewer, more relevant hashtags is more effective than using a lot of irrelevant ones.

Prioritize Share-Worthy Content

Create content that people want to share with their friends, increasing your reach and potential for virality. Other than being good “word of mouth”, content with a high share rate is prioritized by the algorithm.

Enhance Your Editing Skills

Learn to edit your videos in a way that makes them visually appealing and engaging. Whether it's adding music, using filters, or incorporating special effects, enhancing your editing skills can help you create content that stands out and captures viewers' attention. Also - it is important to have fast, dynamic content on TikTok and the in-app editor can sometimes not be enough for your needs.

Work with Other Influencers (And Eventually Brands)

Collaborate with other TikTok creators to expand your reach and potentially attract brand partnerships. Whether it's a duet, a collaboration, or a shoutout, working with other influencers can help you reach a wider audience and increase your chances of going viral.

Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule

Regularly post content to keep your audience engaged and to increase your chances of appearing on the "For You" page. TikTok's algorithm favors creators who post consistently, so maintaining a regular posting schedule can help you increase your visibility and reach.

Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Platforms

Share your TikTok videos on other social media platforms to reach a wider audience. TikTok content is the perfect format for other platforms such as YouTube Shorts (which I've made a post on how many YouTube Shorts a day you should post)and Instagram Reels. If you want to speed up the process of turning longer videos to short-form videos in general give Framedrop a try. Framedrop finds your video highlights through AI and automatically converts them to clips in seconds.

Convert your videos into TikToks with AI

Get AI highlights and increase your content output 10x

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Encourage Viewer Interaction

Ask questions, trivia or challenge your viewers to prompt them to engage with your content. Leaving a comment, liking the video, or sharing it with their friends, encouraging viewer engagement will be good in the eyes of the algorithm and increase your videos’ reach.

Use TikTok's In-App Features

Take advantage of TikTok's built-in features like filters, effects, and stickers to make your content stand out. Filters, stickers, effects - all of them make your content more fun.

Analyze Your Performance (& Make Tweaks Accordingly)

Regularly check your analytics to understand what works and what doesn't, and adjust your content strategy accordingly. Analyzing your performance can help you identify areas for improvement and what is already working well.

Respond to Comments and Messages

Engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages, fostering a sense of community around your content. Responding to comments and messages will help you build a loyal following which will consequently increase your engagement and views. Sometimes maintenance is needed and some rogue comments might need to be deleted in order to keep a positive environment (I’ve gone through on how to do delete comments on TikTok previously)

How Long Should a TikTok Video Be to Go Viral?

There's no set length for a viral TikTok video, but shorter videos (15-30 seconds) tend to perform better due to the platform's short attention span. Focus on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience, regardless of the length.

Providing trendy, quality content at the right time on a regular basis is a sure way to get more people watching. Be mindful of these tips and you’ll be ahead of most creators on the platform.

Becoming TikTok Famous Overnight? Think Again

Whatever you do, don't get frustrated. These things take time and everyone knows how hard to predict TikTok’s algorithm is. Most creators have had to grind for a long time and then one day they exploded in popularity. So while it can happen overnight it won’t happen magically. When your time to go viral comes you must be ready and consistently posting. If you keep up with these steps and stay on top of your game you will be way closer to reaching that goal and very likely enjoying the ride way more.

Before You Go Viral

In conclusion, blowing up on TikTok requires more than just consistency. It demands a deep understanding of the platform's algorithm, a keen eye for trends, and a willingness to experiment with different content types. By following the strategies outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of going viral and reaching a wider audience. Remember, becoming TikTok famous overnight is unlikely, but with dedication and perseverance, you can achieve your goals. So, keep creating, keep engaging, and keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible on TikTok and if you want to make your life easier go give Framedrop a try - it’s free.

Convert your videos into TikToks with AI

Get AI highlights and increase your content output 10x

Get started today


What is the best way to blow up on TikTok?

The best way to blow up on TikTok is to consistently create high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Utilize trending sounds, hashtags, and challenges to increase your visibility and reach. Collaborate with other creators and engage with your followers to build a loyal community.

How do you get noticed on TikTok?

To get noticed on TikTok, focus on creating unique and entertaining content that stands out from the crowd. Use popular hashtags and sounds, engage with other users by commenting and liking their content, and participate in challenges and trends. Consistency is key, so post regularly and interact with your audience to build a loyal following.

How to get 1,000 views on TikTok?

To get 1,000 views on TikTok, create engaging content and follow trends: sounds, hashtags, and challenges will increase your visibility. To reach that number of views consistently be consistent as well, over time it will become easier.

How can I go viral on TikTok?

To go viral on TikTok, create unique and entertaining content that stands out from the crowd. Use popular hashtags and sounds, engage with other users by commenting and liking their content, and follow trends. Also try to gain recognition in other platforms such as YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels to grow your overall audience. If you want an easy tool to repurpose content into short-form videos through AI giove Framedrop a try.

Published at
February 19, 2024
Filipe Pessoa

Having a bachelor's degree in Sociology and currently getting his Masters' in Marketing, Filipe has always followed a customer-centric ethos. In 2021, Filipe was part of one of the 3 European Innovation Academy winning projects - CultureKit - as its CMO. Since joining Framedrop in August 2022, Filipe has worked on a wide array of tasks such as Copywriting, Lead Generation, Influencer Marketing and even dipped his toes in SEO.

When not working, Filipe channels his creativity into music production in his home studio.

Favorite sport: Football ⚽️

Favorite hobby: Gaming 🎮

Favorite musical artist: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard 🎸

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